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Each second, the male gender after 50 years age, starts having the problems with the sexual intercourse. This issue significantly impacts the quality of life. Therefore it should be cured. For therapy is used medications from Via-Gra group. One of the representatives of the class named Cialis. It is a medical tool which is gaining popularity in sexual dysfunction treatment.

The Erectile Dysfunction is the issue?

Cialis may treat erectile dysfunction, also it can be used by the person who wants to strengthen the erections and sexual function.

The condition whenever the fully or partially desired erection cannot be achieved is called erectile dysfunction. This disorder has many causes. Depending on, what it was caused by. At this moment exists three types of treatments. There are psychological, medical and surgical. In all these areas, reassurance for such patients is also part of a recovery.

In medicamental treatment, patients that suffer erectile dysfunction usually, take the order of Сialis through online. That is an easy and comfortable way. To get Cialis online they don`t need of any  prescriptions. By making the order through the online pharmacy store, the patients does not need to visit hospitals or related doctors. They have only to find the appropriate website (online pharmacy) to make the order and to deliver their staff to the door. Meanwhile, they are eligible to buy Cialis over the counter at the local pharmacy.

Ordering Cialis Over The Counter

Do you need a prescription for Cialis?
First of all, you will need to visit doctors office. There you'll take a huge list of many analysis and multiple researchers to get a final word. After all the above procedures you will get the right treatment. Not only the treatment but also, hundreds of prescriptions that needs to be purchased.

At this current time, Cialis is under the government patent protection. This patent concerns to its realization in the U.S.A and Europe. Men will have to use Cialis without a prescription by 2017. According to news from New York Times, Cialis will be sold over the counter without prescriptions starting next year. People will be able to buy this medication without a visit to the doctor.

But before 2017 will come, a lot of men wonder, where to obtain Cialis over the counter right now. For United States citizens, it is possible to order generic Cialis and original medication from Canada. The country of its manufacture may take away Cialis through online to your place real quick, it's not important to have a prescription. There are thousands of Canadian websites that sales medications by advertising  nonprescription Cialis. The most of the customers want to get Cialis through online without the prescription- that is the fact.

Heart Failure And Free Cialis

According to research, the heart failure to the classification as minor or medium degrees of severity, according to Storozhenko statement, there is no an absolute contraindication to use Cialis pill. The importance is to demonstrate, how much is the patient may be sexually active. In case, if there is breathlessness come in rest, the usage of Cialis is totally contraindicated. This is known by doctors and patients which take Cialis without prescriptions.

According to diagnosed patients with light and medium severity of congestive heart failure, the doses may not necessarily be reduced with Cialis. These people may use as a generic Cialis either the original product.

Cialis Direction For Doctors And Patients

Would you get Cialis over the counter after getting all this information? Of course, the response is positive. But a certain number of people is concerned about whether there will be an increase of the numbers in adverse effects and complications after OTC Cialis use. That's one of the main reasons why there is no prescription online needed from customers.

The manual for Cialis may be found on the Internet. This medication is becoming very popular. Since Eli Lilly has announced that Cialis in the closest future will be sold without prescriptions.

According to instructions, Cialis is a drug which contains Tadalafil. This active medication component may reverse the act of selectively inhibit cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). cGMP is a particular phosphodiesterase enzyme kind 5 (PDE 5). During the sexual activity, it increases the organic release of nitric oxide (specific vassal dilator). specific inhibition of the activity of phosphodiesterase type 5 leads to increasing of cGMP levels in the penis corpus cavernosum. Also, the effect of Tadalafil extends and then decreases smooth muscle tension in the penis. As a result, it helps to improve erection by increasing the blood flow to the men sexual organs tissues. Despite the Tadalafil is not a sexual stimulant.